Inclusion today. Art for all. Inspiration for generations.

Art of Inclusion is changing how public art is created in Naperville.

Inclusion is a guiding principle for every action we take, from beginning to end, at every level of our organization. We continuously look for more ways to reach out to the community to participate in events and share our mission. It’s about accepting our differences and working together to find common ground. Our art projects demonstrate how community members can work together to express themselves in positive ways, where our differences are celebrated and respected. Art brings us together. It is a universal language that reflects who we are.

Create. Participate. Share.

Get involved by helping create art in our community, by volunteering to help guide our group, or by talking to our elected representatives about what you think is important.

Upcoming Projects

Unified Naperville – Permanent Mural

We are working on a permanent mural that will be placed in downtown Naperville. The theme is called “Unified Naperville”

Naperville Central High School – Permanent Mural

We are working with one of the school clubs to develop an interior mural inside Naperville Central High School

Naperville Public Library – Partnership

We are developing a partnership with the Naperville Public Library to showcase inclusive, diverse art at the various public library locations.

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